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Installation Docs

Find the official installation docs for v2.23 at

If you have any issues, please be sure to report it on the slack community — (Edit: temporarily, the inviter is down! Please bear with us until it's resolved...), or report them on the issue tracker on GitHub.

  Aug 27, 2018     Team Hephy     announcements  UPDATE: Mar 4, 2024

Hephy Workflow: the Deis Fork

blog 2018

This is Kingdon and we’re happy to answer questions of any kind about the fork!

For anyone who has not heard of Deis Workflow, it is a Kubernetes project from the same team that brought you Helm. The workflow that it enables is “git push” to deploy. Dockerfile and Docker “pull-style” image deploys are also possible.

The Deis project itself is very well documented, but Team Hephy is still nascent. We are in the process of building our own documentation. The fork is currently very close to the original, so all of the prior documentation is still fine.

We have mostly added support for newer Kubernetes API versions in this release, as well as some updates to the platform router.