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If you have any issues, please be sure to report it on the slack community — (Edit: temporarily, the inviter is down! Please bear with us until it's resolved...), or report them on the issue tracker on GitHub.

  Oct 6, 2023     Team Hephy     attic  UPDATE: Mar 4, 2024

How Hard Can It Be? Static Sites on Fermyon Cloud

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Many of us knew this day would come. It’s the moment you’ve all been dreading, I know. We can’t keep it a secret any longer. I’m finally going to have to concede that …

Hephy Workflow with Ruby and Jekyll is not the ideal platform to serve up a blog site. And we’re so bad at keeping things up to date, we’re probably getting hacked as we write this. If it’s not criminal, it’s at least a crying shame. I’m not one who is too ashamed to admit defeat when it’s time.

Hephy Workflow’s Open Roadmap is still on the Slack! But slack inviter is down, and has been for several weeks. It’s one thing I’ve begun to notice that all these unmaintained endpoints have in common. They’re practically nothing but static content files. We could quite easily serve them all from a CDN.

Historically, I’ve preferred to run Jekyll on Hephy Workflow so I have a smoke test that I can use to prove the slugbuilder is still working after each release. It’s pretty handy that the test of a new Workflow release has the side effect of generating a new blog article, even if it is a coincidence. Anyway, I’ve got a plan to get us out of all of this. We’ll find another way to beta-test our new Workflow releases as they are coming out, I am certain.

TODO: write the rest of the article