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Installation Docs

Find the official installation docs for v2.21 at

If you have any issues, please be sure to report it on the slack community, or report them on the issue tracker on GitHub.

About Team Hephy

Hephy Workflow is the open source fork of Deis Workflow

Hephy Workflow


Hephy Workflow v2.21.0 (codename: “Helm Dep Fixer-Upper”) is out!

Postgres Database Upgrade Caution/Advice

The Database component supports one-way upgrades to Postgres v11, since v2.20.0.

A general advice for Hephy Workflow users at any version: platform admins should remember to thoroughly understand backups on a staging cluster, and confirm on your own details about how to test and verify them.

Test your platform database backups before performing an upgrade. Test upgrades in your staging environment first, especially if you have important workloads, and as always recommended according to general best-practices advice, remember to test any important backups regularly (before you need them) in any case.

Current Patch Level - v2.21.0 (latest)

The v2.21.0 release includes fresh buildpacks from upstream, some important security updates for nginx, as well as some new configuration headers in the router component, e2e testing, and other changes as documented in the changelog which you can find packaged in the chart.

The 2.21.0 changelog is baked into the chart tarball, and will be posted on the docs site soon, with our next round of documentation updates as per usual.

This release is tested and known to work with K8s clusters on Amazon Web Services, Azure Kubernetes Service, we also support users on Google Kubernetes Engine and Kubernetes on DigitalOcean Engine. Every release is always tested on Minikube, too.


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Team Hephy accepts Issues and Pull Requests from any interested contributors! If there are any questions or problems, please reach us directly on slack or just open an issue on the github repository.

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