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Installation Docs

Find the official installation docs for v2.23 at

If you have any issues, please be sure to report it on the slack community — (Edit: temporarily, the inviter is down! Please bear with us until it's resolved...), or report them on the issue tracker on GitHub.

  Nov 6, 2022     Team Hephy     attic  UPDATE: Mar 4, 2024

Hephy.Rocks is back on the market

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The Hephy.Rocks sale is over, I did not renew the domain. (Breathe in, breathe out…) That’s right, Kingdon has too many domains and he needs to offload some of them. If you are interested in Project “Team Hephy” and want to own a piece of the history of Hephy Workflow, one of the very domains used as an example in some obscure docs references nobody will ever read… you can own it, this very day! The domain name “” is up for sale. If you are reading this, the sale is still on. I will take literally any offer. You also must already know how to reach me somehow, else this offer is void.

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